All kitchen appliance and washing machine instructions in kitchen in drawer just below the oven. 

Barbecue in utility room – please leave clean on your departure.


At this time there are no bicycles at Kan ar Voualc'h suitable for regular use.  We are hoping that the new owners of the butcher's and grocer's opening up in the village will offer bicycles for hire, as their predecessors did.

Children are welcome, but we ask that you supervise them as you would if you were guests at a friend's home – because you are guests in ours.  Please do not let them leave candy wrappers in the garden, scratch tabletops with their toys, or otherwise damage our home or property. 

Please be sure to leave the house clean and tidy when you leave, and put all things back where you found them on your arrival. Inordinate extra work for the housekeeper will be deducted from the security deposit. 

Please use only three-in-one tablets, and put them in the bottom of the dishwasher, not in the soap holder.


Circuit breakers in box next to front door.  Flashlight in the kitchen on the shelf over the sink or next to the bed in the master bedroom.

Renters should purchase their own wood and kindling, available in supermarkets. Remember to open vent before using (located on left of chimney). In winter, please close before leaving; other seasons, can leave open.  The bottom vent (at center front of fireplace) should be left open.  Please sweep the fireplace clean on leaving; otherwise cleaning will be deducted from the security deposit.
The furnace has already been regulated to provide hot water properly for your stay.

Radiators need only be regulated individually.

The WiFi is available – make sure the Livebox (under the desk in upstairs sitting room) is on.  Instructions in the Livebox booklet in the bottom drawer of the TV cabinet in the upstairs sitting room.

The WEP key is on the Livebox booklet - when you type it in, don't use the spaces.

Late afternoon.

All beds have mattress covers, duvets, pillows and pillow covers.  You should bring your own sheets and towels; if you do not wish to, linens are available for rental (see linens rental page on this site).

Keys are found on a key board to your right as you go into the kitchen.  Please be sure to ALWAYS hang them up again where they belong immediately after use.  The keys for the childproof locks on the upstairs windows should be put in the locks on your departure, and the extra set on a ring hung up on the key board in the kitchen.

There is one white parasol that fits into the stand on the back terrace. Please do not leave it open when not using – sudden gusts can break it.  Close and store the parasol in the utility room on leaving.

The village of Sainte Hélène sur Mer is very serious about the ecology, because the oyster farming on which the local economy depends requires very clean water.  For this reason it is very important to sort rubbish.
We have aimed to simplify as much as possible.  There is an illustrated paper in the kitchen specifying the following: plastic containers, tin cans, cartons, light carboard packaging and plastic bottles go in the yellow-topped bin in the utility room, which already has a plastic bag in it; glass and paper are taken to the municipal bins (turn left on leaving Kan ar Voualc'h to drive down the hill to the main road, then turn left.  You will almost immediately see the bins on your right). Everything else (coffee grounds, vegetable peelings, light paper or plastic wrapping, etc) goes in the green-topped bin (already with a bag in it) in the utility room.  The housekeeper will remove the rubbish from the utility room bins when she cleans following your departure.


You will find basic household cleaning products under the sink in the kitchen.  You will need to bring your own food staples, although there are a few basic like cooking oil, salt and pepper in the kitchen.  If you finish a cleaning product, please replace for the next renter.


Drive left on leaving Kan ar Voualc'h, and head through the village, past the church and Le Napoléon café.  At the fork in the road, take right ("Merlevenez") and after five or seven minutes of driving you will see the Intermarché on your right, with the 24 hour gas station, pharmacy, little medical center.  There is also a cash machine in the supermarket.

There is no telephone at Kan ar Voualc'h, and renters are invited to use their own portables.  Reception is not great in the front of the house, but you can get reception in the kitchen, upstairs, and on the front and back terraces.

There are 3 remote controls, kept in the TV cabinet.

1.     White – for the Livebox

2.     Black  - for TV

3.     Black , marked Sony – for DVD player

To operate TV:

With Black, turn on TV.  Press “Source” and go to AV1 and click on OK.

With White, turn on Livebox and use for finding channels (it may be necessary to reboot Livebox which is done by turning off and on with switch behind).  Mainly French channels, but some English ones.

To operate DVD player:

With Black, turn on TV

With Black Sony turn on DVD

With Black, select input as AV2

With Black Sony, play DVD 

DVD Rentals – Vidéo Futur in Lorient   

7 Bis Boulevard du Maréchal Joffre      Tel.  02 97 64 66 66

There are also a few DVDs of Hitchcock, children's films, etc in the upstairs bookcase.

In emergency the shut-off valve is outside under the kitchen window, at ground level.
Window locks

There are locks on the windows upstairs that allow them to be opened slightly but locked in position so children are not in danger.  The keys are in the locks (duplicates in the kitchen) and to open them you turn the key and open the window to the desired amount using the bar that has several holes in it and then lock into position and remove the key.

Upon leaving please close and lock the windows, leaving the key in the lock and the duplicates on the key board in the kitchen, as indicated above under "Keys".
Utility cupboard in kitchen
Please note that the utility cupboard consists of two outer doors that open to give access to storage space with things like the flashlight.
Wardrobe in upstairs sitting room
Please note that the door is intentionally locked; please do not try forcing it open.

Please do not put anything toilets other than toilet paper (no feminine hygiene products, etc.)

Up-to-Date Availability Calendar

Finding the village of Sainte-Hélène-sur-Mer


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